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jotul white f163 wood heater



Our timeless products bridges the past and present and integrate with the architectural qualities of modern living spaces. They feature Norwegian craftsmanship and functional design with both immediate appeal and design qualities that stands apart from short-lived trends. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, good design is definitely more than meets the eye. At Jøtul, we strongly believe that form should follow function.

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jotul f100 fire place

Jotul F100

Jøtul F 100 is a compact wood stove with capacity for logs of up to 40 cm long. This model has a small internal ash removal solution that makes removing the ashes an easy job. The ash lip catches ashes that may fall out of the combustion chamber.

The wood stove has a large glass door that provides a perfect view of the burning logs and it is characterised by a traditional pattern used in Norwegian craft work. F100 is available in matt black paint.


jotul white f163

Jotul F163

Jøtul F 163 is part of the F 160 series. The Jøtul F163 is a small wood stove with a new and unique look, characterised by it’s large side glasses and three sturdy legs. The shape and size makes it suitable for both corner and standard installations. Designed to suit modern living and powerful enough to heat up to  100m2. Available in either black paint, white or black enamel.
F163 Black paint - $4,649
F163 White Enamel - $5,799

jotul f3

Jotul F3

The Jøtul F 3 CB has been a favourite for many years and is still one of Jøtul’s best selling wood stoves. The design is easy to appreciate and can easily be combined with many different interior styles. The glass door provides a good view of the burning logs and an external ash removal solution ensures easy removal of the ashes. This is hidden by a practical ash lip that catches ashes if they fall outside the door in an efficient way.

The Jøtul F 3 CB has advanced clean burn technology for greater efficiency. Adaptable with a short leg option, the Jøtul F 3 makes an elegant focal point in any room and gives a heat output up to 11kW. The Jøtul F 3 CB is only available with either a Blue Black Enamel finish or Ivory Enamel finish. An enamel surface is maintenance free, easy to keep clean and keeps looking good even after many years of use.

F3CB Blue Black Enamel - $5,099

F3TD Black paint - $3,349

Jotul F400

Jotul F400

Jøtul F 400 CB is a large wood stove, with room for logs of up to 50 cm. This model has a large external ash removal solution which facilitates convenient emptying of the ashes. The ash lip catches ashes that may accidentally fall out of the combustion chamber.
The wood stove has a large glass door that provides a perfect view of the burning logs and is embellished with a pattern that outlines part of the Norwegian coastline. Jøtul F 400 is available in maintenance free enamel or black paint.
F400 Black Paint - $5,799

Jotul F8

Jotul F8

The Jøtul F 8 TD is one of Jøtul’s oldest traditional wood stoves and it is still going strong. It has a classic and elegant look and complements any interior. It produces good combustion and delivers an impressive heat output of 11kW.

jotul f305

Jotul F305

The Jøtul Group has earned its worldwide reputation for designing and producing exceptional award winning fine quality cast iron stoves. The Jøtul F305 wood stove is the latest in its portfolio to receive the highest accolades in the design arena. The Jøtul F305 is the winner of the prestigious Reddot design award. Almost 5000 entries were submitted with only the elite 81 awards for Product design given out with Jøtul F 305 being one of the winners. 

And the recognition doesn’t stop there; the Jøtul F305 has also received the Design Excellence Award 2015 by the Norwegian Design Council and is nominated for its Honours Award for Design Excellence. 

Designers Anderssen and Voll’s design philosophy of “A good product builds and expands on tradition but at the same time, it breaks with tradition” has proved what a winning formula that is for Jøtul. 

F305 Black legs - $5,649

F305 White Enamel legs - $7,349

F305 Black Base - $6,149

Jotul f520

Jotul F520

With panoramic view to the fire, Jøtul F 520 offers the experience of a live campfire in your living room.
This wood stove offers a wide expanse of glass,  the flames can be fully enjoyed from three sides of the stove. With a special glass coating feature the glass stays clean. The smart construction of the air valves makes the stove easy to light and is user friendly.

The white enamelled burn plates offer a clean and light view of the burn chamber also when the stove is not in use.
In the base of the stove there is a practical room for wood storage.

F520 Black - $8,199

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