High Quality Canadian Made Wood Heaters

For over 40 years, Pacific Energy's mission has been to design and develop clean burning, efficient wood and gas fuelled heating solutions. They are relentless innovators, challenging conventions and overturning traditional heating assumptions – resulting in many of their inventions becoming industry standards throughout North America. Their dedicated team of engineers and craftspeople continuously improve their line-up of long-burning, environmentally-responsible wood stoves, inserts and fireplaces – and beautifully designed energy-efficient gas fireplaces. They are proud of what they do, and it shows.
Pacific Energy offers one of the best warranties and industry leading technologies on the market.


Super legs or pedestal

Pacific Energys most popular woodburning heater based on their renowned firebox, the Super delivers superb heating performance. With clean air wash technology, the high capacity baffle system and legendary reliaility.

Heats between 250-280m2

Starting from $3,245

Summit legs or pedestal

Crafted for maximum heating capacity with Extended burn technology for the longest burn time, the summit is the wood heater of choice for bigger spaces and colder nights.

Heats between 280-300m2

Starting from $4,029


Alderlea T5

With elegant, historic styling that adds to the decor of any room, the T5 combines the best of cast iron and steel stoves, offering radiant and convection heat, with a concealed cooktop and a huge glass window. 

Heats between 250-280m2

Starting from $4,579

Alderlea T6

The largest Alderlea wood heater, the T6 is the solution for keeping large spaces warm and comfortable, even through long winter nights. It's crafted for maximum heating capacity and comes with Extended burn technology for all night burn times. Features a family sized cooktop and large glass.

Heats between 280-300m2

Starting from $5,363

pacific-energy-alderlea-T6 (1).jpg

Neo 1.6

The Neo 1.6 freestanding makes a bold statement with it's tall profile for easy loading and line of sight view of the flame and modern design. The Neo 1.6 has a floating firebox with stainless steel baffle and high efficiency finned heat exchanger. Choose from a range of different color side panels.

Heats between 200-230m2

Starting from $3,499

Neo 2.5

Neo 2.5 offers elegant, modern lines and a large firebox for high heat output. The Neo 2.5 features Extended burn technology for maximum burn times. Also has a range of colors availbe for the side panels.

Heats between 280-300m2

Starting from $4,350

Alberni 2.5.jpg

Alberni 2.5

The alberni 2.5 comes with

stainless steel baffle, fully fire bricked lined, cook top, ebt, ash dump etc

the alberni’s more modern twist with adding traditional legs on a modern body makes this heater not only amazingly built, but amazing feature in your home

with an impressive max efficiency of 89%, and an average efficiency of 82% – this heater is designed to impress.

Heats between 280-300m2

Starting from $4,536

Neo 1.6 inbuilt

Make your smaller existing masonry fireplace a significant source of wood heat. Constructed with heavy gauge steel, this inbuilt features Pacific Energys industry leading secondary combustion system and unique high capacity stainless steel baffle and advanced heat exchanger technology. Available in zero clearance.

Heats between 200-230m2

Starting from $3.425

neo 1.6 inbuilt.jpg

Neo 2.5 inbuilt

Transform an energy wasting fireplace in to a cost saving source of heat without sacrificing the comfort and appeal of a wood fire. The neo 2.5 accommodates larger existing masonary fireplaces and features Pacific Energys trusted industry leading construction, boost air for easy lighting and one lever air control for simple operation and burning efficiency. Available in zero clearance.

Heats between 280-300m2

Starting from $4,215

Alderlea T5 inbuilt

The Alderlea cast iron over steel inbuilt allows you to transform your fireplace into an efficient heating system with traditional cast iron styling. Like all pacific energy inbuilts its easy to light, easy to use and provides a clear view of the flame. 

Heats between 250-280m2

Starting from $5,034

alderlea inbuilt-wood.jpg


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